Please read these terms and conditions carefully before starting mentoring relationships with me as your Mentor. By accepting the role of Mentee, you confirm your understanding and agreement with the terms and conditions. If you do not accept the terms and conditions, you should not start the mentoring relationship.

1. General terms and conditions

Mentoring fees

1.1 Mentoring relationship starts as soon as Mentee makes the first payment of the agreed fee.

1.2 Mentee should pay first payment before or soon after the first formal mentoring meeting and must clear its entire dues before or during the 7 days after the second formal meeting. Mentor can withhold mentoring services if Mentee does not adhere to this rule.

1.3 Fees charged by Mentor for his services depend on the type of Mentoring Package offered by Mentor and chosen by Mentees. Detailed information about the scope of services included in each Mentoring Package and their prices can be seen in Mentor’s internet site following at

1.4 Scope of services included in Mentoring Package and their respective fees are applicable only for one submission period, for which Mentee applied; they could be updated for each subsequent submission period.

1.5 Money transfer charges resulted from payment for Mentor’s services must be covered as follows: Mentee delivers to the Mentor’s checkout point exact amount stated in the relevant price list (or mutually agreed if, for example, Mentor offers special discount). Checkout point for credit/debit card payment, PayPal and most of other payment gateways supported by Mentor’s internet site is the “Checkout” page on his site. For bank (wire) transfer, non-bank money transfer and other money transfer services which are not carried out through Mentor’s Internet site, checkout point is the final destination of money transfer (Mentee in such case effectively pays all the transfer charges, but as a rule Mentor offers discount from package cost in compensation).

1.6 If Mentee decides to defer Research and Analysis Project (RAP) preparation to the following submission period, an administration fee of 120 USD will be charged prior to recommencing the mentoring relationship.

1.7 If Mentee decides to discontinue mentoring relationship before the third formal meeting and within 30 days of commencement of mentoring services, he/she has the right to receive repayment of the mentoring fees paid by him according to a sliding scale. If Mentee cancels mentoring relationship before the second mentoring meeting, then he will receive repayment of 66% of the amount paid. If Mentee cancels mentoring relationship after the second mentoring meeting but before the third mentoring meeting, then he will receive repayment of 33% of the amount paid. No refund will be due to Mentee after the third mentoring meeting or after 30 days of commencement of mentoring relationship. Any possible transfer charges resulted from these repayments must be covered by Mentee.

1.8 Mentor should not charge additional fee for minor or extra supports to Mentee, unless such additional support is specifically requested by Mentee and fee is mutually agreed before support is rendered.


1.9 Mentor and Mentee should use E-mail and online mediums to discuss broad level issues during the preparation of RAP. They should use conferencing facilities such as Skype or Google Hangout for RAP presentation during the third formal meeting.

1.10 Mentee should communicate to Mentor his desire to arrange meeting and should provide written materials in relation to the meeting at least three days in advance. Mentee and Mentor should be available at the agreed time and date, and make every effort to avoid postponement of the meeting to a later date. Mentee or Mentor should inform as soon as possible other party about necessity to postpone meeting.

Cheating and plagiarism

1.11 Mentor does not accept plagiarism or any other type of cheating or misconduct. Mentor should issue special warning to Mentee if at any stage of the mentoring relationship he strongly suspects (based on evidence) plagiarism or cheating in Mentee’s RAP. If upon receiving such warning Mentee does not take necessary actions to avoid plagiarism or cheating in RAP, Mentor can immediately discontinue mentoring relationship without obligation to reimburse mentoring fees paid by Mentee.

2. Provisions relevant to Mentor

2.1 Mentor confirms that he has read and understands the contents of the BSc Applied Accounting Mentoring Course and that he will comply in full with the guidance and requirements it contains.

2.2 Mentor understands that mentoring relationship is an educational resource to discuss issues confronted by Mentee during preparation of Oxford Brookes University (OBU) Research and Analysis Project (RAP) and that his role is to provide relevant suggestions, advises, feedback and guidance, as well as to confirm to OBU that he has been a Mentor and that the RAP submitted is Mentee’s own work.

2.3 Mentor agrees to keep in strict confidence all and any information which he obtains from the Mentee and about the Mentee, unless the Mentee provides a clear consent for such information to be shared.

2.4 Mentor can refuse to enter into mentoring relationship if he had reached prescribed limits of OBU mentorship; determined that potential Mentee understands wrongly scope and limits of OBU RAP mentoring relationship; or for any other reason.

3. Provisions relevant to Mentee

3.1 Mentee understands that any advice he receives in the course of mentoring relationship is solely for the purpose of guiding him in the preparation of OBU RAP. He agrees that he will not rely upon the mentor’s advice and/or statements as a substitute for his own independent judgment or professional opinions.

3.2 Mentee understands that he will not at any time be obliged to act on any information, suggestion, advice or guidance given by the Mentor as part of the mentoring relationship, but if and to the extent that he do, he will do so at his own risk.

3.3 Mentee understands that he can terminate his involvement in the mentoring relationship at any time.

3.4 Mentee understands that Mentor cannot guarantee and cannot be held responsible at any stage of mentoring relationship that OBU RAP assessor will award desired by Mentee grade to Research Report or to Skills and Learning Statement.

3.5 It is obligatory for Mentee to arrange and hold all three formal meetings with the Mentor in accordance with the prescribed guidelines provided in the OBU RAP Information Pack. Each meeting should last a minimum of 30 minutes. The first meeting should be conducted at the beginning of the RAP; the second meeting should be held in the middle of the preparation; the last meeting should be held upon completion of the project and should include presentation of RAP results by Mentee.

3.6 Registration/submission of a Research and Analysis Project to Oxford Brookes University and payment of assessment fee to OBU is the responsibility of the Mentee. Mentor is not responsible for RAP registration.