Thank you for choosing me as your mentor. A lot of work ahead, but do not be afraid! You have already started your research project, studied internet sources and moved to project organisation phase.

I offer my services all year round. OBU RAP Mentoring Program for Period 36 (RAP submission in May 2018) is now open.
By completing below form and pressing “Submit” button, you will send me a letter with request for mentoring services and will receive auto-generated Confirmation of Registration email.  I will soon send you second email with Online Mentoring Program details and with arrangements for our first mentor meeting. In this second email you will also find information about payment of mentoring fees according to your chosen  mentoring package and payment method. You can postpone any payments until after the first mentoring meeting. Our mentoring relations will start after your first payment.

Start your BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting now! Be brave, my friend, we will get there!

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