If you want to successfully pass OBU RAP (Research and Analysis Project of Oxford Brooks University), you are in the right place!  A lot of work ahead, but do not be afraid. You have already started Research phase! Studying internet sources for information support, knowledgeable mentor, explanations and advises – is the first necessary step in this work.

Then I would strongly advise you to read (at least once) OBU RAP Information Pack that could be downloaded from internet sites of OBU, ACCA or here.

But Information Pack is focused more on final results (like requirements to RAP structure, components or presentation). It does not offer enough details and explanations about how to start RAP or how to manage this project. Moreover, when it comes to the philosophical component of research and analysis report (like identifying overall research approach, subject and methodologies), Information Pack becomes quite controversial. First it states, that “It is not expected in the BSc RAP that students develop a research methodology, or have a research philosophy’, but then there are emphasis on “overall research approach”, and complains like: “Students seem to have some problems with analysis and evaluation”, or “Reviewing the causes of failure after each submission period confirms that students have problems with the research process”.

You will find an excellent RAP example and several articles below that are useful to read in addition to Information Pack. Hope that they will help you in managing RAP and demystifying research process.

Choose OBU RAP overall research approach.

In the published guidance on the RAP the requirement to ‘explain your overall research approach’ causes confusion among students. Below are listed some research approaches that are applicable to social sciences like management,... READ MORE

Prepare OBU RAP contents page.

Try to follow as close as possible the recommended structure for Research Report offered in Information Pack 2017-18, page 58. It acts as a checklist and reflects the assessment criteria. Many students still continue... READ MORE

Choose OBU RAP mentor.

If you wish to submit a Research and Analysis Project to Oxford Brookes University then you must have a registered mentor. The mentor has two different roles. The first, which is focused on... READ MORE