My dear friends, it makes me happy to tell you a bit about myself! We are now in the same fraternity of accounting and finance professionals. I have come here from science.  As a young scientist-economist I decided once to prove my professional knowledge, to pass all ACCA exams and get a certificate. Then many things happened, I acquired experiences in accounting, finance, economic, and management positions in big international companies, in mid-sized organisation and in small start-up businesses. But research and analysis work was always my vocation and I want it now to become my destiny.

After successfully passing Research Report and completing mentoring course, I am now an OBU RAP Registered Mentor for the BSc in Applied Accounting. I provide online and sometimes face-to-face mentoring and in doing this I always try to deliver highest quality services for reasonable and flexible fees. I like to be useful to my mentees, to demystify RAP work for them, to supplement them with understanding of approaches to sciences and of research and analyses methodologies. My student’s writings meet better OBU requirements as they are more interesting to read, better structured, coherent and logical from statement of main goals to conclusions. But I never impose my opinion and believe that it is always better if Mentee develop his own independent judgment.

I am based in Eastern Europe but happy to accept mentees from around the world and from all time zones. If you need any additional information about me or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Now it is your time to tell about yourself. I like to know more about my mentees’ lives and interests.

Very truly yours,