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If you wish to submit a Research and Analysis Project to Oxford Brookes University then you must have a registered mentor. The mentor has two different roles. The first, which is focused on you, is to support your preparation of the RAP by providing advice and feedback to you at appropriate times.

Secondly, the mentor will confirm to Oxford Brookes University that he or she has been your mentor and that the RAP submitted is your own work. Your on-line RAP submission will require you to enter the mentor’s registered email address and they will be required to confirm that they undertook your mentoring.

Your mentor should be

  • an ACCA fully qualified member;
  • a tutor at an ACCA learning provider;
  • your line manager (or another senior colleague).

He (she) must also be registered by the University and on the Oxford Brookes Registered Mentors database.

Upon registration as OBU mentee, you will have access to mentors list and mentors map from the welcome page of your Dashboard. Most of the mentors accept students from around the world but many of them prefer only selected topics areas. Students often contact 3-7 potential mentors with a default letter. Mentors could charge flexible fees, so it is better if you describe your expectations and ask about the main terms and costs of mentoring services.

Some people consider OBU mentoring as one of the business units in their consulting practice. In such case you can be sure in high quality and reliability of their services. Of course, you can approach mentor directly, through social media or internet sites like this, but it is better to check that the chosen person is on the OBU Mentors database.

Waiting for your letters 😉

Good luck!

Vitaliy Shmygin, ACCA & OBU RAP registered mentor.

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