You will not pay more than stated in the price lists on this internet site. I offer special discount from the mentoring package cost to compensate possible transfer charges initially paid by Mentee. Acceptable payment methods are listed below:

Payment through Debit/Credit Card

This is most simple. As Mentee, you will have access to the secure ‘Checkout’ page. Payments through credit/debit card are processed by – widely known and trusted money transfer agent. I will never have access to your credit/debit card data. This internet site has SSL security certificate and all the necessary anti-piracy, anti-virus and anti-malware protections activated. But if you prefer to be redirected to money transfer agent payment gateway, then you could select PayPal, where you can pay with card even if you do not have PayPal account.

Payment through Paypal

If this case you will be redirected to Paypal secure gateway, where you could pay from your PayPal account.

Bank (wire) money transfer

This option is very popular among business organisations, but I would not advise it, especially for individual. You will have to pay fees to your local bank as well as any intermediary bank fees that combined would reach approximately 50 USD. I offer 5% discount on package cost in case of bank transfer, but it would hardly compensate your transfer costs if amount transferred is less than 1000 USD.

Non-bank money transfer companies

I offer 5% discount on package cost if you pay through non-bank money transfer companies like:
Western Union Company
MoneyGram Global
First please check the fee that transfer agent asks for sending money to Ukraine (where I am currently based). If fee is acceptable then ask me to get the recipient details. Money Transfer Company will provide you with a SECRET CODE that you will email on my official address (only) and I will collect the amount.

VISA Direct Transfer, Mastercard MoneySend

I offer 5% discount on package cost if you choose Visa or Mastercard money transfer services.
Ask me to get relevant details for payment through VISA or Mastercard.