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OBU RAP contents page is a peace of art
If your RAP could be characterized as non-standard, it would be safer to add additional parts than reject or reorganize OBU recommended RAP contents.

Try to follow as close as possible the recommended structure for Research Report offered in Information Pack 2017-18, page 58. It acts as a checklist and reflects the assessment criteria. Many students still continue to ignore the recommended structure and RAP contents, and substitute one of their own. It is not a reason for failure in itself, but it often leads to certain important requirements being omitted from the report, which is a cause of failure.

But if your Research Report could be characterized as nonstandard, it would be safer to add additional part to RAP contents than to reject or reorganize recommended structure. For example, you could add:

List of abbreviations. Not every reader will be familiar with technical abbreviations in your RAP and many will find them difficult. Place list of abbreviations at the beginning of the document, right after the table of contents.

Introduction (or preface). This section is especially useful if you want to emphasize importance of your writing, increase interest and intrigue reader. It could include discussions concerning the practical and/or theoretical importance of the topic, description of the research problem, and even short summary of research findings.

Elaboration of subject and research methodology. Scientific manuscripts often start with this part. It is not expected in the BSc RAP that students develop a ‘research methodology’, or have a ‘research philosophy’. But if you have it, then you could add separate part at the beginning of Research Report. Though perhaps it would be safer to elaborate your research philosophy in a subsection of Part 1 of the recommended OBU RAP contents.

Additional part. You could decide that additional part is required to three main parts recommended by OBU. This is especially relevant if your work contains step by step construction of new analytical model, or research of influencing factors separately for different groups, or also analysis of separate sections of financial statements.

Summary. This is like a synopsis at the conclusion of the study. Summary makes the reader to understand better and remember research work. Generally, it is not required to add separate summary as recommended OBU RAP contents already envisage it in Part 3 ‘Results, analysis, conclusions and recommendations’. But you could add it if you are afraid that a reader can misunderstand your findings or become confused with research logic, or just to emphasize additionally most important and interesting parts of your work.

These recommendations are not the only way in which a Research Report could be undertaken. Your mentor could not give you a detailed advice on the structure and content of your Research Report or write any part for you. It is your decision as to how you manage your project work and produce your Research Report. However in doing so you must be aware of how your work will be assessed. If you do not include content which is relevant to one or more of the Research Report assessment criteria then you risk not meeting the required standards. Similarly, if you include content that is not relevant, then you risk not providing sufficient evidence for Oxford Brookes University to assess your abilities under one or more of the assessment criteria.


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